Warmachine Hype with Jay Larson

February 5, 2019

This week we try to get Chopz into a new game! We brought some big guns in to help out on this one! If you thought you already downloaded this episode you probably did! This time however the version has Potter's audio functioning properly. Sorry about that. Thank you to the listeners who reached out to let me know!

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Eden Hype

January 20, 2019

We are back! we were supposed to be back last week but one of the tracks stopped recording. This week Chopz gets extremely excited about a very small French game called Eden. 

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Holiday Episode

December 26, 2018

In this episode we take a break from our normal table top wargame discussion and we talk about all of the other things we like. Which apparently turns out to be video games and Star Wars. This is an exciting unscripted ride through non miniatures games that make us happy, if you are working this week we hope this helps get your through!



Con Prep

December 17, 2018

This week Potter is back! We also discuss how to get ready for a con, and many of these tips apply to local events as well. if you are in Wisconsin or North Carolina reach out to us and help us get reps in!


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Selling Points of our favorite 3 games

December 4, 2018

In this episode Paul and Chopz talk to Third Floor Wars' Ray Flynn about their three favorite games and what aspect of the game they would use to sell the game to people who are interested in the game.

Games talked about:

The Other Side


Wild West Exodus

Warhammer Underworlds



Maybe more, it has been a while since we recorded this and Paul only did cursory editing because work has been hectic



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Teaming up with Third Floor Wars

November 22, 2018

This week the guys team up with the guys from Third Floor Wars to talk about their website, the US Faux League and then spend time talking about Wyrd Miniatures and the games they make. It is a fun episode and you get to hear some new voices!

As always thanks for listening and Happy Thanksgiving to our American listeners!




Oak and Iron Kickstarter (and some GW)

November 11, 2018

This week we look at a game Chopz has been very excited about. It is Oak and Iron a 1/600th scale naval battle game from the golden age of ships. You can hear the point at which Chopz gets scurvy because Potter and Paul have no idea what some of the naval terms mean.

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The Other Side is Here! First impressions

November 5, 2018

Wyrd Miniature's game The Other Side Kickstarter has been delivered! These are our hot takes upon receiving the the miniatures. Find out what we think.

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Hybrid Games

October 29, 2018

We are back! Vacation got the better of Chopz and Paul but there is much to talk about. This episode the guys talk about boardgame miniature game hybrids. There is also a good amount of talk about A Song of Ice and Fire, because Paul asked Chopz what he thought about it.

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Thanks for listening and sorry about the unannounced vacation!


what Makes Games Great? (Part 2)

October 1, 2018

This week the guys continue their discussion about what makes games great. This episode picks up right after last week's cliff hanger. 

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